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Visit our collection of stone, granite and marble dining tables and discover a stunning array of contemporary lines composed with natural materials: marble, stone and granite.

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Marble side table

Designer tables in marble, stone and granite

Marble tables , stone tables and granite tables entirely handcrafted and of high-end quality. We have scoured Europe to find the most beautiful marble tables and designer stone tables made by expert and passionate artisans. Our tables are Italian made by artisans whose expertise has been passed down from generation to generation. The passion of these expert marble workers has been passed down from father to son and has grown day by day for more than fifty years.

The work of the stone cutter is not limited to cutting or chiseling a stone to make a fireplace, a fountain, a pillar, a staircase or a work surface in stone, marble or granite, it is above all a relationship fusion between the marble craftsman and these natural materials which will forever reflect the imprint of his talent.

Marble monoloam frame Marble park slices

The natural materials of marble, granite and stone will give a touch of purity and authenticity to your interior. The marble used is travertine and its natural veining gives each piece its unique character.

A marble table or a granite table guarantees you a calming and comforting presence at the same time. Our marble coffee tables and our granite coffee tables will also give you warm feelings every day.

Custom-made marble tables and stone tables

Our tables are adjustable in length and width, ask us for a quote for your project. We can also offer you different combinations of materials (marble, stone, slate and granite) and bases.

A high-end material, travertine marble

The marble used is travertine, a marble stone composed of overlapping strata. It gives off an astonishing warmth due to its variety of shades. Since Antiquity it has been extracted in the quarries of Tivoli in Italy.

Marble is a material reserved for prestigious constructions, past and present, and its use in the manufacture of furniture corresponds to a spirit of high-end furniture which can be available in classic styles as well as contemporary lines.

Renowned for its excellent durability over time, whether in construction, decoration or sculpture, this is why we have selected it for our collections.

Maintenance of our marble tables and your stone tables


  protection of marble with anti-stain product Our exclusive anti-stain protection , produced in the workshop, will protect your tray. A maintenance product is provided with each of our tables to revive the color and shine of your tops.

On a daily basis, our trays are maintained with soapy water or bleach with a scouring pad or brush.


Legs of our marble tables and our stone tables


The iron legs are made by hand by artisan ironworkers.

The outdoor finish will allow you to leave them outside without fear.

Eco-responsible marble tables and granite tables: recycled teak legs

The wooden legs are made from recycled teak from Indonesia

Teak is recovered from abandoned buildings or from old boats. Retailed, it gains a second life while bringing on its surface the traces of a previous life which give it a unique identity. Our brushed and oiled finishes make this an indoor or outdoor product.

Production of our marble tables and our stone tables

Our marble tables and our stone tables are made in France, in the South, by a family business whose passion for working with stone and the know-how of marble work has been passed down from father to son for six generations. Their experience as stonemasons and marble workers has been acquired over the many years of the trade and the numerous projects they have undertaken (stairs, fireplaces, fountains, pillars, kitchens and marble furniture). Each of their creations is artisanal, unique and exceptional.

The lead time for manufacturing a marble table or a stone table is four to six weeks.

Delivery will be made to the door of your building by the company Géodis-Calberson, European specialists in delivery to individuals.

Some additional information (wikipedia source) to better understand your stone tables and marble tables:

Granite , from the Italian granito , “grainy”, is a trade name designating a hard , grainy rock used in sculpture , architecture or ornamentation , whatever its geological nature. “Granite” and “
” should not be confused : in geology, the latter term designates a magmatic plutonic rock with a specific mineralogical and chemical composition.

Source: Wikipedia

Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone , existing in a wide variety of colors, which can present veins, or marbling (veins and colors are due to inclusions of metallic oxides, most often).

Certain types of marble have particular names, for example cipolin or griotte .


The complete guide to high-end marble tables

What is a high-end marble table?

Marble is a rock derived from limestone, known for its natural beauty, durability and unique patterns. High-end marble tables are distinguished by the choice of rare or particularly aesthetic marbles, the quality of the finish, and often by particular attention to detail and craftsmanship.

modern ceramic table

The history of marble in furniture

The use of marble in furniture dates back to ancient times, where the Greeks and Romans valued it for its beauty and durability. They used it for luxurious furniture and decor, symbols of wealth and power.

During the Renaissance, marble became a material of choice for Italian artisans, who created ornate pieces of furniture for the elite. In the 18th and 19th centuries, neoclassical style popularized clean-lined marble tables, while the Industrial Revolution made marble more accessible.

Today, marble remains prized in high-end furniture for its timeless elegance and robustness, often combined with modern designs to create unique and sophisticated pieces.

What are the advantages of a marble table?

Durability and longevity

Marble is a durable natural stone. Its strength allows it to resist impacts and scratches, making marble tables an ideal choice for daily use. With proper maintenance, a marble table can last for several decades without losing its beauty. Its resistance to heat and wear makes it a durable and reliable investment.

Timeless elegance

Marble is loved for its luxurious appearance and unique patterns. Each marble slab has distinct patterns and colors, making each marble table unique. This natural elegance offers any room a touch of sophistication and refinement. Marble fits perfectly into various decor styles, from classic to modern, adding a touch of timeless charm to your interior.

Added value to your interior

A marble table is not only functional, but it also adds value to your home. As a high-end piece of furniture, it can enhance the aesthetics of your living space and create a stylish focal point. Additionally, marble furniture is often associated with prestige, which can increase the perceived value of your interior. Investing in a marble dining table means investing in a durable decorative element that provides long-term aesthetic and financial value.

What are the disadvantages of a marble table?

Weight and handling

Marble is a very heavy material, which makes marble tables difficult to move. Their weight can complicate their transport and installation, often requiring several people to handle them safely.

Sensitivity to stains and scratches

Although marble is durable, it can be susceptible to stains. Acidic liquids like wine, coffee or fruit juice can leave permanent marks if not cleaned promptly. Additionally, although durable, marble can be scratched by sharp or hard objects, requiring precautions to maintain its impeccable appearance.

High cost

Marble is a luxury material, and marble tables are often expensive. The high price reflects not only the quality of the material, but also the craftsmanship that goes into making each piece. Maintenance and possible repairs can also represent an additional investment over time, making marble tables an expensive option compared to other materials.

What color for my luxury marble table?

Choosing the color for your luxury marble table is crucial to harmonize your interior and highlight the natural elegance of the stone. Marble comes in a variety of colors, each offering a unique aesthetic and distinct characteristics.


Cream marble, like the famous Botticino marble, is appreciated for its soft and warm hue, ideal for creating a welcoming and bright atmosphere. Sourced from the Botticino region of Italy, this marble is renowned for its exceptional quality and subtle shades of cream and beige, often featuring fine, delicate veining. It fits easily into various decor styles, whether modern, classic or Mediterranean designs, adding a touch of prestige without being too imposing. In addition to its aesthetics, Botticino marble is known for its durability and strength, making it an ideal material for frequently used surfaces like dining tables or kitchen islands.

Luxury travertine marble table


White marble, particularly Carrara marble, is synonymous with luxury and purity. Sourced from the Carrara quarries in Tuscany, Italy, this marble is renowned for its exceptional quality and rich history. Its pristine surface, dotted with delicate gray veins, makes it a popular choice for modern and minimalist interiors. In decoration, a Carrara marble table can visually expand the space with its light, reflective color, providing an elegant backdrop that highlights other decorative elements.

reef 2


Black marble, such as Marquina marble, brings a dramatic and sophisticated touch to your interior. Originally from the Marquina region of Spain, this marble is famous for its deep black background, interspersed with white or gold veins, creating a visual contrast. A Marquina marble table is perfect for a contemporary and luxurious look, adding depth and character to any room. This marble is not only aesthetically captivating, but also durable and hard-wearing, making it a practical choice for frequently used surfaces. Its ability to blend with various materials and styles of decoration, whether modern or classic, makes it a versatile and valuable element in interior design, transforming any space into a place of elegance and prestige.

Luxury ceramic dining table


Red marble, like Rosso Levanto marble, is bold and atypical. Originally from Italy, this marble is renowned for its shades ranging from burgundy red to brown, with white or green veins. Its rich colors bring vibrant energy and elegance to your interior. A Rosso Levanto marble dining table can serve as a dramatic centerpiece, ideal for traditional or eclectic decors that require a splash of color and vibrancy. In addition, Rosso Levanto marble is durable and resistant, making every room a luxurious space, enriching your decoration with incomparable depth and personality.

Trends in luxury marble table design

Italian design marble table

Italian design has long been synonymous with elegance, sophistication and innovation. Marble tables designed in Italy stand out for their refined aesthetic, clean lines and exceptional quality. Italian designers continually push the boundaries of creativity by exploring new concepts, materials and techniques to create unique pieces that combine tradition and modernity.

Emergence of hybrid design

An emerging trend in luxury marble table design is the integration of hybrid materials, such as metal, glass or wood, to create hybrid pieces that elegantly marry the timeless charm of marble with contemporary functionality. These unexpected combinations add a touch of originality to the design.


    Premium high-end ceramic table


    Premium ceramic table Atrium


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Integrating Technology into High-End Marble Tables

A new emerging trend is the integration of technology into high-end marble tables. Features such as integrated LED lighting systems, wireless charging ports and interactive touch panels add a touch of modernity and functionality to marble tables, transforming them into true high-end design objects suited to a fashion contemporary and connected lifestyle.

Evolution of custom design

The evolution of custom design offers consumers the opportunity to create marble tables that precisely meet their needs and aesthetic preferences. There are complete customization services, allowing you to choose the dimensions, materials, finishes and even patterns of the marble table, creating unique pieces.

The different uses for your marble table

Dining table

The marble table is a luxurious and functional choice for a dining room, offering a variety of shapes to meet your aesthetic and practical needs. Whether you prefer a rectangular table to maximize space and accommodate a large number of guests, a round table to encourage conviviality and exchanges, or an oval table for a compromise between elegance and practicality, marble adapts to all shapes with elegance. Its spacious top offers plenty of space to accommodate your guests, creating a friendly and elegant atmosphere. Its durable, stain-resistant surface makes it a practical choice for dinners and family gatherings, as it holds up well to common accidents. The marble table brings a touch of timeless sophistication.

Central island

In a modern kitchen, a marble table can serve as an elegant and practical central island. Its generous top provides additional prep space for cooking, as well as a comfortable spot for meals and lively discussions.


Marble desks have also become common, bringing a touch of sophistication and charm to your workspace. Marble is often used as the material of choice for home or professional workspaces. Its smooth, durable surface provides an environment conducive to productivity, while creating an elegant and inspiring ambiance. Thanks to its refined aesthetic and high-end quality, the marble desk becomes much more than just a functional piece of furniture, it becomes a decorative element in its own right, enhancing the style and elegance of the workspace .

Low table

A marble coffee table is an elegant decorative element for your living room. Indeed, it offers the possibility of enhancing your living room thanks to its timeless charm. Its unique patterns and color nuances add a touch of elegance, instantly transforming the ambiance of the room. Plus, its sophisticated design makes it the perfect focal point for showcasing art, books, or decorations.


In the bedroom, a marble bedside table adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. Its sturdy, easy-to-clean surface makes it an ideal place to set lamps, books and other essentials before bed. It also adds a touch of elegance to the entire room.

How to maintain your marble table?

Daily cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to preserve the beauty and durability of your marble table. Use a damp, soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the table surface and remove residue and dirt. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the marble surface.

Recommended products

For a more thorough clean, use a cleaner specifically designed for marble or a gentle mixture of mild soap and warm water. Avoid acidic cleaners as they can damage the marble surface. Dry the table thoroughly after cleaning to avoid water stains.

Crack treatment

If your table has any cracks or chips, it is important to treat them quickly to prevent further damage. Use a marble repair paste to fill cracks and holes, carefully following the product instructions. Once the paste is dry, use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface and polish it again to restore its shine.

Which chairs for my high-end marble table?

Leather chair

Leather chairs add a touch of elegance and refinement to your dining room, creating a perfect match with your high-end marble table. High-quality leather provides superior comfort and exceptional durability. In terms of aesthetics, neutral hues such as off-white, taupe or gray pair beautifully with a white or cream marble table, creating a chic and timeless ambiance. Pairing leather with marble creates a subtle yet striking visual contrast, showcasing the natural beauty of marble while adding a touch of sophistication to the entire room.

Solid wood chair

Solid wood chairs bring a natural warmth and rustic charm that pairs perfectly with the sophistication of marble in your dining room. The marriage of high-quality wood, such as oak or walnut, with marble creates a harmonious visual alliance that enriches the aesthetic of your living space. Warm wood tones, such as dark brown or natural oak, contrast beautifully with a light-colored marble table, creating a captivating play of color and texture. However, this alliance between solid wood and marble also extends to darker colored marble tables. Solid wood chairs add visual depth and richness to a dark marble table, creating a harmonious balance between the two materials. Whether your marble table is light or dark, solid wood chairs easily adapt to a variety of designs.

Italian design chair

Italian design chairs represent elegance and innovation, pairing perfectly with marble in your dining room. With their clean lines and high-quality materials, these chairs bring a touch of contemporary charm to your living space. Paired with a light marble table, the Italian-designed chairs fit easily into a variety of decor styles. By choosing Italian design chairs to accompany your marble table, you create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere where meals become memorable experiences, shared in a setting that combines comfort, style and quality.


Stools are a practical option to accompany a center island or marble bar. Their modern design and comfort make them an ideal choice for creating a friendly and functional environment. Choosing leather or fabric upholstered stools with metal or wood legs adds a touch of comfort and sophistication to your space. The high-quality materials and elegant finishes of the stools perfectly complement the quality and finesse of the marble, creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.


    Magda luxury solid wood stool 8


    Magda luxury solid wood stool


    1,250  1,865 

Interior decoration with your marble table

Solid wood

Opting for solid wood furniture, such as sideboards, shelves or mirrors, harmoniously complements the beauty of marble. These pieces of furniture not only provide practical functionality, but also add a dimension of character. The warm tones of wood, such as oak, walnut or beech, go particularly well with marble, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With their complementary characteristics, these two materials offer a multitude of decoration possibilities, allowing you to create a unique and welcoming environment.


Glass is another material that pairs perfectly with marble, creating a modern and sophisticated space. Add glass elements, such as pendant lights, vases or glass side tables, to accentuate the lightness and transparency of your space. The contrast between glass and marble creates an interesting visual dynamic that highlights the natural beauty of both materials. By playing with light and reflections, this combination creates a bright and elegant ambiance that transforms your living space into a contemporary-style sanctuary.


Steel, as a modern and elegant material, brings an extra dimension to decorating your space with a marble table. Opting for decorative steel elements, such as table lamps, chair frames or metal shelves, adds character and texture to your space. The shine and solidity of steel create a contrast with the softness and finesse of marble, providing a harmonious balance between modern and classic. This marriage of materials creates a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, giving your decoration an elegant and timeless appearance. By incorporating steel elements with a marble table, you create a dynamic and chic atmosphere.

Design ideas for your marble table

Modern design

In a modern design, the marble table becomes the centerpiece thanks to its simplicity and clean lines. To accentuate its elegance, surround it with minimalist furniture with geometric shapes. Materials like glass and metal complement marble perfectly, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Use neutral colors for walls and floors, and add metallic or glass pieces for a contemporary touch. Chandeliers hanging above the table can also reinforce the modern design.

Italian design

Italian design highlights luxury and exceptional craftsmanship, and a marble table fits perfectly into this aesthetic. Position the table in a well-lit space and accompany it with dark wood and high-quality leather furniture for rich contrast. Gold accessories, classic artwork and elegant mirrors complete the ensemble, creating an opulent and warm atmosphere. Polished marble elements reinforce the idea of ​​sophistication and timeless style specific to Italian design.

Classic design

In a classic interior, a marble table brings a touch of nobility and tradition. Pair it with solid wood furniture and elaborate decorative elements, such as a marble or stone fireplace, and antique-style dressers. Use deep colors like burgundy, emerald green or royal blue for walls and fabrics, adding visual richness to the space. Wall moldings, curtains and crystal chandeliers complement this aesthetic, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and timeless elegance.

Art Nouveau

Art deco style, with its glamor and bold geometric shapes, is a perfect setting for a marble table. Position the designer marble table in a central space and complete it with furniture with symmetrical lines and metallic finishes such as chrome steel. Use rich, contrasting colors like black, gold, navy blue and emerald green for walls and textiles. Decorative mirrors, elegant sculptures and graphic patterns reinforce the Art Deco aesthetic, creating a chic and sophisticated space where marble is the star.


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