Martin Ballendat

Probably the best contemporary designer at this moment

Design for perfection since 1983

Martin Ballendat, stunning designs

Martin Ballendat

A quest for perfection in design and manufacturability

Martin Ballendat

Functional and contemporary designs

For true design-addicts

Martin Ballendat

Unique designs for exclusive locations

These armchairs are now in 3 Michelin star restaurants around the world


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Choose the ultimate privilege, our SPIN chairs: furniture designed for grand locations such as 3 Michelin starred restaurants

Martin Ballendat, the most exciting contemporary designer in the world

Design Ballendat profile
If you have often wondered who is the best contemporary furniture designer in the world, after reading this piece you will have no further doubts.

Talent for design combined with the best furniture producers.
When the unique individual talent of a designer is combined with the outstanding production abilities of a reputed manufacturer, the results are breath-taking.

In a world that is brimming with new and exciting designs, every year new and thrilling designers introduce new furniture ideas. There is one particular designer that has caught our attention consistently, his ability to create original and stunning works of art in every new collection he is commissioned on is absolutely mesmerising.

From the most exclusive locations around the world (i.e.: Restaurants with 3 Michelin stars and luxury resorts) to prestigious residential and office spaces, his designs are taking the world through pure good taste and impeccable lines. Creating stunning designs is paramount to a successful furniture masterpiece but without the skill and dedication of a handful of top of the line furniture manufacturers, the ultimate success and creation of a functional, durable and performing piece would be impossible.

World-leading furniture manufacturers such as VOGLAUER (Austria), WIESNER HAGER (Austria), Tonon (Italy), F.DIEMMEBI (Italy), INTERSTUHL (Germany), STECHERT (Germany), BRUNNER (Germany) SANDLER (USA), ZÜCO (Switzerland) and OKAMURA (Japan) are examples of win-win partnerships where talent and consistency are paired for greatness.
Martin Ballendat cartoon

Martin Ballendat, from drawing cartoons to designing the world’s most beautiful furniture

Martin Ballendat was born in Bochum (Germany) in 1958.
In 1983, he obtained a degree in industrial design from the Folkwang Design School (Folkwangschule), part of Essen University.
Martin Ballendat began drawing cartoons from an early age, his talent and passion for beauty in a functional form however led him to join furniture manufacturer Sedu before becoming the head of the department design and product development for the company Wiesner Hager, Austria when he was only 28 years old.
Since 1995 his creative passion has made its home in his own design studio with two locations, in Germany and Austria.
For the last 15 years, Martin Ballendat has shared his talent and his vision as a lecturer and visiting professor at the university of applied sciences in the field of design in Graz and Salzburg.
During his prolific career, he has been commissioned to design by more than 30 well-known brands in 13 countries and received an incomparable amount of awards and prizes for his furniture designs.
In recent years Martin Ballendat has not only designed furniture, he has also created table accessories, lighting and technical devices.

Martin Ballendat, stunning designs
Martin Ballendat: best designer of 2019 (UK award)
Designer walnut armchairs, absolute luxury

The most beautiful dining chairs...

Design by Martin Ballendat. The Spin chair has been acclaimed and recognized as one of the most beautiful dining chairs available for exclusive locations around the world.

Martin Ballendat: ICONIC AWARDS 2020 Best of theBest

Martin Ballendat: ICONIC AWARDS 2020 Best of the best
The awards he has garnered over his lengthy design career are innumerable and are all a testament to his unique style.
One of his most recent achievements was receiving the Product Designer award at the Mixology 2019 Awards.
His stunning designer chair and armchair are used in the most prestigious locations around the world, such as the restaurant Le Mirazur, elected the best restaurant in the world in 2019 (N°1 in the ranking of the world’s 50 best restaurants) with also 3 Michelin stars thanks to chef prodigy Mauro Colagreco.
Martin Ballendat, stunning designs

DFM, design for manufacturability

Structure of the backrest Camiro Design drawing by Martin Ballendat (2013)
Design for manufacturability (also referred to as design for manufacturing or in short, DFM) means that the creation of a new design is done while factoring in all the constraints of product engineering (forces, tensions, weight distribution, material resistance, etc.) that will later be crucial to the industrial production of this design.
It is the general engineering practice of designing products in a way that production of prototype and most importantly production in series or mass production will be realistic and possible in regards to the strict requirements of production costs, materials and final product performance and durability.
Many shelves around the world are full of beautiful designs that will never be produced due to them not meeting all the constraints of a solid product development and production plan. To avoid this situation, Ballendat studio designs always consider both demands from the manufacturer as well as those of the users. This ensures that the product development plan will be rolled out with success both from a commercial and industrial standpoint.

Design and Engineering, both these aspects are intricately linked in every Ballendat Design Studio creation

Armrest settings Camiro Design drawing by Martin Ballendat (2013)
It takes specific know-how and an unwavering attention to detail to be able to create a design of furniture that can be manufactured in accordance with the logic imposed to any production event.
Martin Ballendat, as well as having unique creative inspiration is also a renowned industrial designer.
Translating his drawings to a fully functional and performing piece of furniture in collaboration with the most prestigious furniture manufacturers is an lengthy process that he masters to perfection. You will find below some illustrations of partnerships between Martin Ballendat and prestigious furniture manufacturers.

Martin Ballendat

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Martin Ballendat, an accomplished and award-winning furniture designer.


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