Dining tables

Dine in style and let your family and guests enjoy unique moments at your side.

Make dining a truly distinguished experience by using a beautiful high end designer dining table.

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Most persons will choose a mainstream and high volume dining table producer simply because they are everywhere and the price is a bargain.

Our clients are more discerning when it comes to quality and aesthetics, demanding the best materials and the most skilled craftsmen to be involved in the production of their dining table.

With sleek designs, high grade components and the passion of our furniture producing partners, dining will be an authentic and exclusive experience on a daily basis.

When composing the ideal habitat for your family and yourself, the dining table takes a major role and a central position in one of the most important areas of your home: the kitchen or the dining room. The choice of dining chairs or armchairs will complete your dining table set and if done correctly, unleash the potential of designer furniture.

A dining table is one of the most important furniture items in your home. Not only will you enjoy unique moments while sitting at a beautiful dining table, it is also a critical component for a well balanced and elegant dining room and by extension your home’s global aesthetics.

Discover an exclusive array of high-end designer dining tables created by reputed international designers and made by the best European and international furniture factories. Details about the materials and production process can be found on each individual product sheet.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles in order to achieve the best dining room layout according to your tastes and preferences: modern and contemporary dining rooms, industrial-themed, rustic, classical, vintage, Scandinavian, etc. The variety of materials used in the production of our dining tables is equally rich: stone dining tables, metal and marble dining tables, solid walnut and oak dining tables, etc. Our dining table producing factories are located in Austria, France, Italy and Spain.

Make your dreams come true and create your own modern and distinguished dining room or kitchen eating space with our dining table sets. Architects and interior decorators from around the world have used our products in high end projects such as five star hotels and luxury private residences.


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