Dragon wooden table

Do you need a real luxury masterpiece for your dining room? The Dragon wood table should correspond to your expectations !

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With a such elegant wooden dining table, your space will be transformed into a very modern and graceful room. Designed by Paolo Cattelan, this audacious dining table in wood is totally customisable in order to best suit to your image.

Indeed, there are 5 versions o this elegant wooden dining table. For the base of your original dining table in wood, you can choose between the following colours :

  • Steel lacquered with Titanium (GFM11)
  • Steel lacquered with Bronze (GFM18)
  • Steel lacquered with Graphite (GFM69)
  • Steel lacquered with Black (GFM73)

The thickness is 4cm for the table tops of 200x100x74h and 5cm for the 240x120x75h and 300x120x75h table tops.


First, for the version A :

You have the choice for the wooden bevelled table-top among :

  • Canaletto Walnut (NC)
  • Burnt Oak (RB)
  • Heritage Oak (HR)
  • Natural Oak (RN)

The dimensions available are the following :

  • 200x100x74h
  • 240x120x75h
  • 300x120x75h


Concerning the version B :

The oblong table top is available in the following colours :

  • Canaletto Walnut (NC)
  • Burnt Oak (RB)

You can choose the following dimensions :

  • 200x120x74h
  • 250x128x74h
  • 300x128x74h


Moreover, a version C is possible in which you can choose the following characteristics :

The oblong table top can be either in Canaletto Walnut with Brushed Grey lacquered or in Elm open pore Matt Black (OLM73) with Brushed Bronze lacquered.

The available dimensions for this version are :

  • 200x120x75h
  • 250x128x73h
  • 300x128x73h


Then, for the version S of this audacious dining table in wood, the table top has irregular edges and you can opt for the following colours :

  • Canaletto Walnut (NC)
  • Burnt Oak (RB)
  • Natural Oak (RN)

The dimensions for this rectangular wooden dining table are :

  • 200x100x74h
  • 240x120x74h
  • 300x120x74h


Finally, the Masterwood version of this beautiful dining table provide you the following choices concerning the colours :

  • Canaletto Walnut (NC)
  • Burnt Oak (RB)

The dimensions of this oblong table can be :

  • 250x128x76h
  • 300x128x76h

Do not hesitate to take a look to our range of Dragon tables designed by Paolo Cattelan !

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Titanium ( GFM11), Bronze (GFM18), Graphite (GFM69), Black (GFM73)


Canaletto walnut (NC), Burnt oak (RB), Heritage oak (HR), Natural oak (RN)


200x100x74h, 240x120x75h, 300x120x75h, 250x128x74h, 300x128x74h


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