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This modern high end leather buffet will bring a touch of elegance and modernity to your environment. To best suit your needs, you can choose the color of the leather or faux leather doors.

With the use of various noble materials, the quality and durability of this luxury sideboard is assured.



This modern high-end leather sideboard is an exceptional achievement of the prestigious Italian designer Paolo Cattelan, who emphasises every detail of this luxury leather sideboard for its perfection.

Different from other traditional sideboards that we are used to see, this one stands out thanks to its soft covering in leather or quilted leatherette. The use of its premium quality materials ensures the durability of this modern high-end leather buffet.

To easily fit your space, this modern leather design sideboard comes in :

  • 2 doors :147 cm x 46 cm x 80 h ;
  • 3 doors: 220 cm x 46 cm x 80 h .

The legs of this beautiful luxury furniture is available in:

  • GFM11 Titanium embossed
  • GFM69 Graphite embossed
  • GFM71 Embossed white
  • GFM73 Black embossed

The originality of its covering will make your space pleasant and welcoming. To adapt to the style of the room that will be dedicated to it, and in order to match your personality, you have the possibility to choose between different coverings.It is possible to personalize this luxury sideboard in leather by choosing the color of the doors between :

  • Thin leather:

961 LATTE (fine leather) | 967 AVORIO (fine leather) | 947 OYSTER (fine leather) | 948 LINO (fine leather) | 950 TORTORA (fine leather) | 945 SAFARI (fine leather) | 981 BISCOTTO (fine leather) | 982 COGNAC (fine leather) | 988 TABACCO (fine leather) | 891 TESTA DI MORO (fine leather) | 943 MOKA (fine leather) | 933 ARTICO (fine leather) | 959 ICE (fine leather) | 949 CENERE (fine leather) | 951 CASTORO (fine leather) | 983 ARGILLA (fine leather) | 960 BRUNO (fine leather) | 942 FANGO (fine leather) | 977 PIOMBO (fine leather) | 973 NERO (fine leather) | 992 LOBSTER (fine leather) | 989 ROSSO CORSA (fine leather) | 944 BORDEAUX (fine leather) | 955 MORA (fine leather) | 974 CAPRI (fine leather) | 980 OTTANIO (fine leather) | 987 SHERWOOD (fine leather) | 940 NAVY (fine leather) | 956 ATLANTICO (fine leather) | PL71 BIANCO PERLATO LUCIDO (fine leather) | PL73 NERO PERLATO LUCIDO (fine leather) | 984 BRONZO (fine leather)

  • Leatherette:

ECP01 Bianco (imitation leather) | ECP03 Panna (imitation leather) | ECP47 OYSTER (imitation leather) | ECP48 LINO (imitation leather) | ECP25 CANAPA (imitation leather) | ECP05 TORTORA (imitation leather) | ECP36 CEMENTO (imitation leather) | ECP23 LONDON (imitation leather) | ECP26 FANGO (imitation leather) | ECP83 ARGILLA (imitation leather) | ECP07 MARRONE (imitation leather) | ECP37 ARDESIA (imitation leather) | ECP30 PIOMBO (imitation leather) | ECP24 NERO (imitation leather) | ECP28 KALAMATA (imitation leather) | ECP27 FOSSIL (imitation leather) | ECP08 MOKA (imitation leather) | ECP13 ROSSO CORSA (imitation leather) | ECP14 BORDEAUX ECP22 NAVY(imitation leather) | 971 BIANCO (imitation leather)

In addition, for a perfect marriage between the leather doors and the wood structure, choose your structure in:

  • GF69 Graphite embossed
  • GF71 White embossed
  • GF73 Black embossed
  • M11 Titanium

In addition, the top of this modern high-end leather sideboard is not less, it fully contributes to the beauty of this luxury furniture:

  • Bronze mirror
  • Varnished Extraclair glass in acid white
  • Acid graphite varnished Extraclair glass
  • Black varnished Extraclair glass

Finally, the shelves are made of clear glass and you have the option of having an internal drawer positioned on the doors.


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Additional information

Dimensions N/A

147 cm x 46 cm x 80 h – 2, 220 cm x 46 cm x 80 h – 3


GFM11 Titanium Embossed, GFM69 Graphite Embossed, GFM71 White Embossed, GFM73 Black Embossed


GF69 Graphite embossed, GF71 White embossed, GF73 Black embossed, M11 Titanium


Bronze mirrored, GLASS Extra-clear varnished acid white, GLASS Extra-clear varnished acid graphite, GLASS Extra-clear varnished acid black


ECP01 Bianco (leatherette), ECP03 Panna (leatherette), ECP47 OYSTER (leatherette), ECP48 LINO (leatherette), ECP25 CANAPA (leatherette), ECP05 TORTORA (leatherette), ECP36 CEMENTO (leatherette), ECP23 LONDON (leatherette), ECP26 FANGO (leatherette), ECP83 ARGILLA (leatherette), ECP07 MARRONE (leatherette), ECP37 ARDESIA (leatherette), ECP30 PIOMBO (leatherette), ECP24 NERO (leatherette), ECP28 KALAMATA (leatherette), ECP27 FOSSIL (leatherette), ECP08 MOKA (leatherette), ECP13 ROSSO CORSA (leatherette), ECP14 BORDEAUX ECP22 NAVY(leatherette), 971 BIANCO (thin leather), 961 LATTE (thin leather), 967 AVORIO (thin leather), 947 OYSTER (thin leather), 948 LINO (thin leather), 950 TORTORA (thin leather), 945 SAFARI (thin leather), 981 BISCOTTO (thin leather), 982 COGNAC (thin leather), 988 TABACCO (thin leather), 891 TESTA DI MORO (thin leather), 943 MOKA (thin leather), 933 ARTICO (thin leather), 959 ICE (thin leather), 949 CENERE (thin leather), 951 CASTORO (thin leather), 983 ARGILLA (thin leather), 960 BRUNO (thin leather), 942 FANGO (thin leather), 946 MARRONE (thin leather), 952 SMOKE (thin leather), 953 ARDESIA (thin leather), 977 PIOMBO (thin leather), 973 NERO (thin leather), 992 LOBSTER (thin leather), 989 ROSSO CORSA (thin leather), 944 BORDEAUX (thin leather), 955 MORA (thin leather), 974 CAPRI (thin leather), 980 OTTANIO (thin leather), 987 SHERWOOD (thin leather), 940 NAVY (thin leather), 956 ATLANTICO (thin leather), PL71 BIANCO PERLATO LUCIDO (thin leather), PL73 NERO PERLATO LUCIDO (thin leather), 984 BRONZO (thin leather)


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