Luxury design chair Rachel

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Discover the Rachel collection: chairs with original and characterful design.

Each piece is meticulously crafted with exceptional artisanal attention, offering optimal comfort with its polygonal backrest and plush seat.

Immerse yourself in Rachel’s refined universe and let yourself be charmed by its exceptional design.

Designed by Luca Signoretti.


We offer this chair with sumptuous design in four variations:

  • Rachel ML
  • Rachel Wood
  • Rachel Cantilever
  • Rachel Turn
Dimensions Rachel ML

Rachel ML

Dimensions Rachel wood

Rachel Wood

Dimensions Rachel Canteliver

Rachel Cantilever

Dimensions Rachel turn

Rachel Turn

They are all ideal for your dining space. Rachel Turn is also perfect for a conference room or office due to its comfort. To discover all the differences of these fabulous chairs, click here.

Differences Rachel family chairs Cttln
Beyond their design, these chairs stand out for their numerous customization options.

Rachel ML, Rachel Cantilever, and Rachel Turn feature a steel base and legs. We offer you the possibility to choose from these four finishes for the legs.

Steel base GFM11 Embossed titanium MAG ML Steel base GFM18 Embossed bronze MAG ML
GFM11 Embossed titanium GFM18 Embossed bronze
Steel base GFM69 Embossed graphite MAG ML Steel base GFM73 embossed black MAG ML
GFM69 Embossed graphite GFM73 Embossed black

Rachel Wood, on the other hand, has solid ash wood legs. Three finishes are possible for these legs:

Canaletto walnut stained ash (frNC)

Canaletto walnut stained ash (frNC)

Natural ash (frN)

Natural ash (frN)


Opaque black open-pore lacquered ash (fr73)

Opaque black open-pore lacquered ash (fr73)

The seat is also customizable by choosing from these 4 coverings:

  • Soft leather
  • Fabric
  • Faux leather
  • Soft glove leather

Finally, we offer you the possibility to choose the shade of the covering. Here is a sample of the available shades, please click on the images to discover them all.

Fabric samples

Fabric samples

Soft leather and glove leather samples
Soft leather and glove leather samples
Synthetic leather samples

Synthetic leather samples

Rachel also exists in a stool version and in two different variations.

Luxury design stool Rachel Stool 1

Rachel Stool

Luxury design stool Rachel Stool

Rachel stool SLED

Equip all your rooms with these prestigious seats. For any quotation, contact us.

CTA Luxury and Designer Furniture EN

This post is also available in: French Spanish

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Rachel Cantilever, Rachel ML, Rachel Turn, Rachel Wood


Faux-leather, Fabric, Soft Leather, Glove Leather


ECP 01 Bianco Faux-Leather, ECP 03 Panna Faux-Leather, ECP 04 Beige Faux-Leather, ECP 05 Tortora Faux-Leather, ECP 07 Marrone Faux-Leather, ECP 08 Moka Faux-Leather, ECP 08 Moka Faux-Leather, ECP 12 Arancio Faux-Leather, ECP 13 Rosso Corsa Faux-Leather, ECP 14 Bordeaux Faux-Leather, ECP 17 Verde Faux-Leather, ECP 18 Oliva Faux-Leather, ECP 20 Cielo Faux-Leather, ECP 21 Ocean Faux-Leather, ECP 23 London Faux-Leather, ECP 24 Nero Faux-Leather, ECP 25 Canapa Faux-Leather, ECP 26 Fango Faux-Leather, ECP 29 Cedro Faux-Leather, ECP 33 Mora Faux-Leather, ECP 36 Cemento Faux-Leather, ECP 37 Ardesia Faux-Leather, ECP 48 Lino Faux-Leather, ECP 83 Argilla Faux-Leather, 891 Testa di Moro Soft Leather, 937 Palladio Soft Leather, 938 Dakota Soft Leather, 939 Nymph Soft Leather, 940 Navy Soft Leather, 942 Fango Soft Leather, 943 Moka Soft Leather, 944 Bordeaux Soft Leather, 945 Safari Soft Leather, 946 Marrone Soft Leather, 947 Oyster Soft Leather, 948 Lino Soft Leather, 949 Cenere Soft Leather, 950 Tortora Soft Leather, 951 Castoro Soft Leather, 952 Smoke Soft Leather, 953 Ardesia Soft Leather, 956 Atlantico Soft Leather, 959 Ice Soft Leather, 960 Bruno Soft Leather, 969 Cashmere Soft Leather, 971 Bianco Soft Leather, 972 Canova Soft Leather, 973 Nero Soft Leather, 974 Capri Soft Leather, 977 Piombo Soft Leather, 981 Biscotto Soft Leather, 982 Cognac Soft Leather, 983 Argilla Soft Leather, 987 Sherwood Soft Leather, 988 Tabacco Soft Leather, 989 Rosso Corsa Soft Leather, 993 Artico Soft Leather, 994 Canyon Soft Leather, 995 Nardò Soft Leather, 996 Siena Soft Leather, GLV02 Dover Glove Leather, GLV03 Ecrù Glove Leather, GLV05 Corda Glove Leather, GLV06 Manta Glove Leather, GLV07 Argo Glove Leather, GLV11 Taupè Glove Leather, GLV12 Oliva Glove Leather, GLV14 Platoon Glove Leather, GLV15 Carbon Glove Leather, GLV16 Cacao Glove Leather, GLV17 Hornet Glove Leather, GLV18 Barrique Glove Leather, B220, B221, B222, B230, B231, B232, B233, B234, B235, B236, B238, B239, B401, B403, B405, B420, B421, B422, B431, B433, B434, B435, B520, B521, B522, B530, B531, B540, B541, B710, B711, B712, B713, B714, B720, B721, B722, BOUCLE '01

Base and feet

Embossed titanium (GFM11), Embossed bronze (GFM18), Embossed graphite (GFM69), Embossed black (GFM73), Natural ash (frN), Canaletto walnut stained ash (frNC), Opaque black open-pore lacquered ash (fr73)


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