Luxury executive desk Nasdaq in wood

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The Nasdaq wooden executive desk is a match in heaven for top-level executives. Combining stunning Italian design (Paolo Cattelan) and outstanding materials, this luxury desk will procure positive feelings on a daily basis and have a beneficial impact on your performance.

The Nasdaq executive wooden desk is much more than just an original piece of furniture. It is a statement of style and sophistication, creating an inspiring professional environment. Whether placed in an executive office, conference room, or other high-end workspace, this modern Nasdaq wood desk is sure to cause a stir and inspire admiration with all who see it.

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The Nasdaq executive desk features a harmonious combination of geometries and materials, creating a striking monolith effect. The gravity-defying wooden drawers rest elegantly on a steel leg, crossing the space with a clean diagonal. Made with top quality materials and using the most advanced Italian production techniques, this modern Nasdaq wooden desk embodies excellence.

The design of the Nasdaq executive office stands out for its contemporary aesthetic and careful attention to detail. Every aspect of its construction has been carefully thought out to combine functionality and beauty. Bold geometries and clean lines give the desk a commanding presence, while the use of high-quality wood adds timeless warmth and elegance.

The drawers, real feats of engineering, seem to float in the air thanks to their clever arrangement. They offer generous storage space while giving the impression of being suspended. This juxtaposition between the lightness of the wooden drawers and the solidity of the steel leg creates a captivating visual contrast that is sure to arouse admiration.

Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, the Nasdaq executive desk is the result of exceptional craftsmanship. Premium materials are carefully selected for durability and aesthetics, ensuring longevity and impeccable appearance. World-renowned Italian production techniques are used to bring this desk to life, ensuring a flawless finish and superior quality.

This luxury designer office desk is available in two sizes, 215x100x75h cm and 260x120x75h cm.

Each available choice of wooden table top is a definite eye-catcher and its warm and natural surface will not cease to please you, every day.

Configure your table by choosing among a wide array of options so that it will match perfectly your style.

The base of this executive luxury desk is in graphite embossed lacquered steel (GFM69), covered with your choice of wood, Canaletto walnut (NC), Heritage oak (HR) or open pore matt black Elm (OLM73).

Here is a stunning video of the same Nasdaq table in ceramic.


You can discover the distinctive features of each type of wood here:

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Cattelan Italia


Imagine Outlet


215x100x75 cm, 260x120x75 cm


Graphite embossed lacquered steel (GFM69)

Table top

Canaletto walnut (NC), Heritage oak (HR), Open pore matt black Elm (OLM73)


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