Marine Vision Chair (x2)

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A must-have for all those who are passionate about design !
Vision chair in teak and stainless steel with marine rubber membrane for a totally modern look.
Design by Katja Bo.

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1. Product description:

A must-have for all those who are passionate about design !

Vision chair in teak and stainless steel with marine rubber membrane for a totally modern look.

A rubber membrane is inserted between the wooden slats using the same technology as in naval construction.

Design by Katja Bo.

Contemporary and pure design that will give your outdoors a touch of elegance.

This chair is stackable.

Imagine Outlet has the privilege of exclusive distribution of these products in France and Spain. You will not find them elsewhere in these countries and we can bring them to you through our production on demand model at real factory prices.

2. Delivery leadtime:

As soon as we close ordering process, a production run will begin at our partner’s factory.
A typical production run is around 45 days. After production, the goods are sent by sea freight to our logistics hub in Europe. From there, they will be dispatched towards your doorstep.
Sea freight will take approximately 30 days and the last step of transportation, by truck will take 15 days.
In all, a maximum of 90 days from production to your door.

3. Production:

Corporate headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Our partner is a Danish company with operations in Vietnam for the last twenty years. They manufacture furniture and ceramics with exclusive designs by world famous designers. Klaus Wittergren, Jakob Berg and Bent Krebs are artists with a multitude of references on the web, just Google their names
Sustainable development and respect of the environment are deeply anchored in their supply chain, industrial and logistics policies.
There are three production units in Vietnam:

–    The main production facility is exclusively oriented towards wooden furniture using raw materials that are either FSC certified of from sustainably managed plantations.
–    Another facility is dedicated to mosaic tiles and focuses on research and development of new products such as mosaic table tops made with fiber glass. These table tops are extremely light in comparison with the mosaic table tops sold by common retailers (these are made of concrete or cement). They are 100% hygienic as they are non-porous and cannot be invaded by bacteria.
–    The last facility manufactures ceramics by combining exclusive designs and high quality materials.

Their warehouse is at the leading edge in packing techniques as well as wrapping materials.
Their designs as well as their in-house developments (mosaic tables with fiber glass base), copyright protected and patented guarantee you an exclusive purchase.

Independent German laboratory TUV tests regularly their new products as well as their packing materials.

Main export markets : Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.


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Additional information

Dimensions 58 × 56 × 84 cm

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