Ceramic table Premier

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The Premier high-end modern dining table is a perfect match for luxury furnishing solutions.
With its distinctive Italian design, the contemporary aesthetic of this table exalts its success.
Its ceramic top honors the conviviality even if the spaces are small.



This high-end ceramic dining table expresses the idea of contemporary design.
It is part of the Premier range and keeps the atypical design aspect of the latter.
For those who love to surround themselves with luxury, this admirable luxury ceramic dining table will be the one that will make the distinction of your room.

With the particularity of its ceramic top, this luxury ceramic dining table exudes even more elegance.
With the durability of this material, your family will be able to sit for years to come, despite the incidents that can affect it. Ceramic gives you the appearance of depth and movement to your space.

In order to give even more originality to your space, you can choose between different finishes of the ceramic top:

  • KM02 Marmi Albastro;
  • KM03 Supreme;
  • KM04 Ardesia;
  • KM05 Golden calacatta opaque;
  • KM06 Golden calacatta glossy;
  • KM07 Portoro opaque ;
  • KM08 Portoro glossy;
  • KM09 Sahara black glossy;
  • KM10 Emperador;
  • KM11 Makalu ;
  •  KM12 Breccia ;
  • KM13 Arenal.

Without obliterating its membership in the Premier line, it maintains the stand of the unique table which is also available in :

  • Titanium embossed (GFM11)
  • Bronze embossed (GFM18)
  • Graphite embossed (GFM69)
  • Black embossed (GFM73)

Finally, the delicacy of this high-end ceramic dining table easily integrates your environment.

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200x100x73h, 200x106x73h, 200x120x73h shap.(rounded edge), 240x120x73h, 240x120x73h shap.(rounded edge), 300x120x73h, 300x120x73h shap.(rounded edge)

Table top

KM02 Marmi Albastro, KM03 Supreme, KM04 Ardesia, KM05 Golden calacatta opaque, KM06 Golden calacatta glossy, KM07 Portoro opaque, KM08 Portoro glossy, KM09 Sahara black glossy, KM10 Emperador, KM11 Makalu, KM12 Breccia, KM13 Arenal


Titanium embossed (GFM11), Bronze embossed (GFM18), Graphite embossed (GFM69), Black embossed (GFM73)


Cattelan Italia


Imagine Outlet


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