Wood table Skorpio

The Skorpio luxury wooden table will give you a luxurious feeling at home, and will shine in the room that is dedicated to it.
This sumptuous high end table remains unique thanks to its atypical leg, and the different finishes of the top.
Thanks to the quality of the materials used, it is certainly of an incredible durability.


This splendid luxury wooden dining table perfectly meets the expectations of those who like to surround themselves with high-end furniture.

The beautiful top of this high-end table decorates your dining room in a more prominent and luxurious way. Thanks to the quality and durability of the materials used, it will totally reflect the luxury in the whole room dedicated to it.

This sumptuous piece of furniture from the Skorpio range reflects an original image thanks to its unique steel design table base. Become remarkable by equipping yourself with the fruit of the work of the prestigious designer Andrea Lucatello.

Moreover, its wooden top offers a wide choice of finishes. You have the possibility to choose between:

  • Legno A: HR Heritage Oak ; NC Canaletto Walnut ; RB Burned oak ; RN Natural Oak
  • Legno B : NC Canaletto Walnut ; RB Burned oak
  • Legno C : NC-BG Canaletto walnut with Brushed Grey lacquered and rounded lower profile ; OLM-73 Elm open pore matt black with Brushed Bronze lacquered and rounded lower profile;
  • Legno S : NC Canaletto Walnut; RB Burned oak  ; RN Natural Oak
  • Legno M : NC Canaletto Walnut ; RB Burned oak

To get a clearer picture of your future wonder, you can see below what these finishes look like.

In addition, the base of this table keeps the line of the whole Skorpio range available in:

  • Brushed bronze;
  • Brushed grey;
  • GFM11 Embossed titanium;
  • GFM18 Embossed bronze;
  • GFM69 Graphite embossed;
  • GFM71 Embossed white;
  • GFM73 Embossed

What more could you want from a luxury feel to your home, this luxury wooden dining table will shine in your dining room.


Luxury ceramic round table Gorgeous luxury table skorpio crystalart High end dining table skorpio round
Skorpio ceramic round Skorpio Crystalart table Skorpio round table
Modern design table by Andrea Lucatello High end dining table skorpio keramik premium Modern round dining table in ceramic and wood
Skorpio table Skorpio ceramic premium table Skorpio ceramic-wood round table
Ceramic modern design dining table
Skorpio ceramic table

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Version A, Version S, Version B, Version C, Version Masterwood


160 x 160 cm, 180 x 105 cm, 200 x 100 cm, 200 x120 cm, 240 x 120 cm, 250 x 128 cm, 300 x 120 cm, 300 x 128 cm


NC-Brushed Grey, OLM73-Brushed bronze, NC Canaletto Walnut, Heritage Oak HR, Burned oak RB, Natural Oak RN


Brushed bronze, Brushed grey, GFM11 Embossed titanium, GFM18 Embossed bronze, GFM69 Graphite embossed, GFM71 Embossed white, GFM73 Embossed


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