Auto-reverse luxury armchair

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Imagined by the famous Italian designer Giuseppe Vigano, the Auto-Reverse sofa is the ultimate expression of Italian luxury.
The Auto-Reverse sofa will surprise you with its bold character and unique silhouette. These traits are part of his DNA and make it unique.
The possible combinations are almost unlimited between the vast choice of modules, upholstery (fabric and/or leather) and finishes available. You will be able to compose a unique sofa that looks like you, a top-of-the-range body with a perfect silhouette.
The authenticity of this design sofa allows it to shine well above the ocean of sofas that we usually see and which all look alike to the point that we confuse them with clones without originality.


This beautiful designer armchair is stunning if it stands alone or if it is combined with the Auto-reverse sofa, whichever way you choose to use it, it will perform beyond your expectations.

This high-end Italian armchair is available with two different seat heights (43 and 48 cm) as well as with two distinct depths (93 and 103 cm) so that you can choose what suits you best to adapt your arm to your body and thus achieve maximum comfort.

The width of the cushions for the backrests is variable and will depend on the width of the armchair.

To make sure that your luxury designer armchair really a high-end furniture piece, here are some elements that leave no doubt about its exceptional quality.

The structure of this elegant Italian designer armchair is in metal with padding around it in non-deformable polyurethane (D35EM + D70) covered with 6mm small velvet.

The seat cushions are padded with a 100% Gabardine cotton cover which is filled with 65% goose feathers and 35% duck feathers, all in an expanded polyurethane (PF35) template.

The backrest cushions are also made with 100% Gabardine cotton and goose feathers (65%) and duck feathers (35%) as well as an expanded polyurethane template (PF35).

The armrest cushions are made of 100% Gabardine cotton and 100% European goose feathers.

The springs of this Italian luxury armchair are made with elastic straps.

The height of the seat may vary from 43 cm to 48 cm depending on your choice of legs. The legs can be 17 or 22 cm high and are available in metal with a micaceous brown, titanium or copper finish.

The customization of this armchair is literally unlimited thanks to its many modules, the wide choice of fabrics and leathers that can be used alternately (see sketch below with Side A and Side B).

Luxury Italian sofa side A and B


It is also possible to vary the color of the zippers on the cushions (side A and side B) so that your armchair reflects your desires and outlines your own image: a top-of-the-range body with a perfect silhouette.

Complete list of available modules

Complete list and images of textiles

Complete list and images of leather colours

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Armchair dimensions

Armchair width 96 cm (6109901), Armchair width 126 cm (6109001), Armchair width 136 cm (6109011)

Side A

Fabric cat. A, Fabric cat. B/C, Fabric cat. D, Fabric cat. E, Fabric cat. EXTRA, Fabric cat. TOP+, Leather First, Leather Plus, Leather cat. A, Leather cat. B, Leather Leonardo

Side B

Fabric cat. A, Fabric cat. B/C, Fabric cat. D, Fabric cat. E, Fabric cat. EXTRA, Fabric cat. TOP+, Leather First, Leather Plus, Leather cat. A, Leather cat. B, Leather Leonardo

Height of feet

17 cm, 22 cm

Feet finishing

Micaceous brown, Titanium, Brass


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