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Burov interior furniture items stand for highest quality that use the technique of traditional skills and modern manufacturing for already over 60 years.

Burov design is an environmentally aware design. Their corporate mission is to find the balance between economic efficiency and environmental protection by avoiding the depletion of natural resources.

Pascal Daveluy's modern design is well-known from renowned manufacturers for many years.

Contemporary lines mixed with comfortable seatings are just some of the impressive features of this interior designer couch that make it a piece of luxury furniture.

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Burov furniture stands for highest quality that uses the technique of traditional skills and modern manufacturing for already over 60 years.

A broad variety of foams enables the customers to achieve maximum comfort. Flexible, semi-rigid or rigid are the options that can be chosen based on the customers’ tastes.

Fabrics or leather are available in a wide range of different colours for the coatings to satisfy every interior decoration need.

Burov designer furniture is the result of an environmentally aware design and production. This company’s mission is to find the balance between economic efficiency and environmental protection by avoiding a depletion of natural resources.

Pascal Daveluy is well-known for his stunning designer sofas by commission from renowned manufacturers for many years now.

Contemporary lines and comfortable seatings are the impressive features of this modern couch design that make it a luxury furniture item.

The designer sofa is available in leather or fabrics. The feathers and the molded foam inside the seating create pure comfort and a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

A higher density will ensure a better and long-lasting stability of the foam. Therefore we advise a foam density of 41 kg per cubic meter.

The back of the chair is a mixture of duck feathers (70%) and latex macaroni (30%).

Leather that is labelled under the name Blauer Engel ensures a certain level of controlled and healthy emissions and therefore reduces bad environmental impacts.

There might appear some visible defects on the leather coatings  of the sofas (e.g. parasites, closed grains,..). These will only prove the authenticity of a natural product.

Leather poaching is a natural phenomenon that is related to the differences in elasticity of each skin.

Series 1 Parker :

Thickness à 1.4 to 1.6mm

Composition: European cattle, corrected and pigmented flower, mineral tanning Blauer Engel (label).

15 colours.

Series 4 Sierra :

Thickness à 1.7 to 1.9mm.

Composition: European cattle, original German taurus (South of Germany), slightly corrected flower, pigmented, natural grains, certified mineral tanning Blauer Engel (label).

14 colours.

Series 5 Cervo :

Thickness à 1.5 to 1.7mm.

Composition: European cattle–original Scandinavian taurus, full grain, slightly covered, natural grains, aniline, certified mineral tanning Blauer Engel (label).

8 colours.

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Dimensions N/A
Type of sofa

Sofa 2 places, Sofa 2.5 places, Sofa 3 places

Type of leather

Serie 1 Parker, Serie 4 Sierra, Serie 5 Cervo

Leather type and colour

SERIE 1 PARKER: 1C Mouse, SERIE 1 PARKER: 2C Cherry, SERIE 1 PARKER: 3C White, SERIE 1 PARKER: 4C Mink, SERIE 1 PARKER: 5C Chocolate, SERIE 1 PARKER: 6C Grey, SERIE 1 PARKER: 7C Cream White, SERIE 1 PARKER: 8C Tin, SERIE 1 PARKER: 9C Sahara, SERIE 1 PARKER: 10C Black, SERIE 1 PARKER: 11C Vine, SERIE 1 PARKER: 12C Cognac, SERIE 1 PARKER: 13C Wood, SERIE 1 PARKER: 14C Royal, SERIE 1 PARKER: 15C Raw Silk, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 1B Bordeaux, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 2B Grey, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 3B Red, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 4B Vine, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 5B Raw Silk, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 6B Cream, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 7B Beige, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 8B White, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 9B Tin, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 10B Brown, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 11B Black, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 12B Wildcat, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 13B Charcoal, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 14B Putty, SERIE 5 CERVO: 1A Black, SERIE 5 CERVO: 2A Brown, SERIE 5 CERVO: 3A Chocolate, SERIE 5 CERVO: 4A Grey, SERIE 5 CERVO: 5A Wildcat, SERIE 5 CERVO: 6A Mink, SERIE 5 CERVO: 7A Cognac


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