Montaigne sofa

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This designer couch by Emmanuel Gallina is available in finest leather or fabrics.

The contemporary French design reflects high quality and coziness in one furniture item that will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Montaigne is an elegant divan that you can find in the greatest Parisian apartments due to its luxury and elegance.

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This designer sofa by Emmanuel Gallina is elegant and graceful in appearance.

The leather sofa is a high-end furniture item that is designed in a classical style with sleek lines and simplicity, a testament to contemporary and modern design.

The leather used for the seating is a high-quality material that is processed with excellent French expertise. The wooden feet of this designer sofa are crafted in brushed and stained oak.

Bourgeois style elements combined with high-end materials make it a perfect fit for your interior decoration.

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Armchair, Sofa 2 seats, Sofa 2.5 seats, Sofa 3 seats, Sofa 4 seats, 2 seater + daybed on right side, 2 seater + daybed on left side, 3 seater + daybed on right side, 3 seater + daybed on left side, Stool

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SERIE 1 PARKER: 1C Mouse, SERIE 1 PARKER: 2C Cherry, SERIE 1 PARKER: 3C White, SERIE 1 PARKER: 4C Mink, SERIE 1 PARKER: 5C Chocolate, SERIE 1 PARKER: 6C Grey, SERIE 1 PARKER: 7C Cream White, SERIE 1 PARKER: 8C Tin, SERIE 1 PARKER: 9C Sahara, SERIE 1 PARKER: 10C Black, SERIE 1 PARKER: 11C Vine, SERIE 1 PARKER: 12C Cognac, SERIE 1 PARKER: 13C Wood, SERIE 1 PARKER: 14C Royal, SERIE 1 PARKER: 15C Raw Silk, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 1B Bordeaux, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 2B Grey, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 3B Red, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 4B Vine, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 5B Raw Silk, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 6B Cream, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 7B Beige, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 8B White, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 9B Tin, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 10B Brown, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 11B Black, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 12B Wildcat, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 13B Charcoal, SERIE 4 SIERRA: 14B Putty, SERIE 5 CERVO: 1A Black, SERIE 5 CERVO: 2A Brown, SERIE 5 CERVO: 3A Chocolate, SERIE 5 CERVO: 4A Grey, SERIE 5 CERVO: 5A Wildcat, SERIE 5 CERVO: 6A Mink, SERIE 5 CERVO: 7A Cognac


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