Luxury corner sofa Brown Sugar

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This Italian designed corner sofa is above all a generous space, with its L shape, with or without armrests, it facilitates the layout of your space. With its exciting design, this modern sofa will become the heart of your room.


This luxury corner sofa Brown Sugar is the masterpiece that will accompany your daily life with the expression of its modern and upscale style.

This work of the prestigious Italian designer Mauro Lipparini will easily integrate your interior decoration thanks to the different coverings and finishes available. You have the possibility to choose among a whole range of fabric or leather following our catalog.

I download the visuals of the fabrics

I download the visuals of the leathers

The choice of leather has the advantage of adapting to all the designs and decorations of the living room. Moreover, it is an elegant material that is easy to maintain and durable over time.
In addition, the fabric is known for the feeling of comfort that it brings and retains its softness in all seasons.
Choose a sofa that looks like you, with the wide choice of existing finishes for this luxury corner sofa, it will fit your personality.

The designer has put emphasis on every detail of this sofa, from the incomparable design to the choice of materials. Every detail has contributed to the perfection of this sofa, which explains its elegant design. It is the perfect piece of furniture for those who like to surround themselves with comfort and luxury.

To best suit your needs and your living room, this luxury corner sofa is available in different compositions, you can choose between:


Dimensions composition A Dimensions composition B Dimensions composition D
Composition A (394 x 295 cm) Composition B (329 x 160 cm) Composition D (315 x 160 cm)
Dimensions composition E Dimensions composition F Dimensions composition G
Composition E (331 x 175 cm) Composition F (408 x 175 cm) Composition G (274 x 295 cm)
Dimensions composition H Dimensions composition I Dimensions composition L
Composition H (354 x 275 cm) Composition I (295 x 160 cm) Composition L (295 x 279 cm)


Without forgetting the finish of the foot of this beautiful corner sofa which are available in:

  • Metal
  • Black nickel
  • Titanium
  • Micaceous brown varnish
  • Oxy grey

Complete list of available modules

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Composition A (394 x 295 cm), Composition B (329 x 160 cm), Composition D (315 x 160 cm), Composition E (331 x 175 cm), Composition F (408 x 175 cm), Composition G (274 x 295 cm), Composition H (354 x 275 cm), Composition I (295 x 160 cm), Composition L (295 x 279 cm)


Fabric cat. A, Fabric cat. B/C, Fabric cat. D, Fabric cat. E, Fabric cat. EXTRA, Fabric cat. TOP, Leather First, Leather Plus, Leather cat. A, Leather cat. B


Metal (no additional cost), Black nickel (contact us for additional cost), Titanium (contact us for additional cost), Micaceous brown varnish (no additional cost), Oxy grey varnish (no additional cost)


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