Ceramic drive table Premier

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This Premier extendable ceramic table is the perfect solution if you want to surround yourself with a durable and modern table.
Despite the limited space, you will have the possibility to extend this table according to the number of your guests.


This high-end extendable ceramic table Premier is the work of designer Andrea Lucatello.
It is part of the Premier table range, and has the same features as the Premier ceramic table.

With its various uses, dining tables are usually put to the test. That’s why it’s important to have a compact table that will stand the test of time.
The ceramic table is the best solution for this situation.

With the use of quality materials, this luxury ceramic table is shock and scratch resistant.

To make it unique and to your taste, you can choose between these different ceramic tops:

  • KM02 Marmi Albastro ;
  •  KM03 Supreme ;
  •  KM04 Ardesia ;
  •  KM05 Golden calacatta opaque ;
  •  KM06 Golden calacatta glossy;
  •  KM07 Portoro opaque ;
  •  KM08 Portoro glossy;
  •  KM09 Sahara black glossy ;
  •  KM10 Emperador ;
  • KM11 Makalu ;
  • KM12 Breccia ;
  • KM13 Arenal.

In addition, you have the possibility to choose the finish of the metal table top between :

  •  Embossed titanium (GFM11)
  •  Bronze embossed (GFM18)
  •  Graphite embossed (GFM69)
  •  Black embossed (GFM73)

Finally, its expandable option makes the difference. It is the ideal solution if you want to seat a lot of people at the table but you are short of space. This luxury ceramic table saves a lot of space and can be folded. You could adapt it according to the number of your guests.
This high-end extendable ceramic table is easy to handle and can be extended in a jiffy.


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Premier Drive modern extendable dining table
Premier drive

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160 cm → 236 cm x 90 cm, 182 cm →258 cm x 90 cm, 200 cm → 294 cm x 100 cm, 200 cm → 294 cm x 106 cm


KM02 Marmi Albastro, KM03 Supreme, KM04 Ardesia, KM05 Golden calacatta opaque, KM06 Golden calacatta glossy, KM07 Portoro opaque, KM08 Portoro glossy, KM09 Sahara black glossy, KM10 Emperador, KM11 Makalu, KM12 Breccia, KM13 Arenal


Titanium embossed (GFM11), Bronze embossed (GFM18), Graphite embossed (GFM69), Black embossed (GFM73)


Cattelan Italia


Imagine Outlet


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