Crystalart drive table Premier

This high-end glass dining table is the perfect solution for those who like to surround themselves with luxury.

Its unique glass top design gives it a touch of originality and elegance.

It is versatile and you can adapt its size according to the number of guests you wish to seat.

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This high-end extendable glass table Premier Crystalart  is the work of the prestigious designer Andrea Lucatello .

Firstly, with its Crystalart glass top, this beautiful luxury glass table releases an original look.
Different from the other clear glass tables we are used to see, the top of this modern table is available in two different elegant patterns. You can choose between :

  • Crystalart 01 (CY01)
  • Crystalart 02 (CY02)

The look of the latter gives it an unmistakable elegance and charm.
Choosing this glass table will help to make your space more spacious and airy. One of the advantages of this table is its resistance to stains, as it does not absorb liquids.

As a member of the Premier table range, thishigh-end extendable glass table keeps the uniformity of its base.
The base of this table is available in :

  • Embossed Titanium (GFM11)
  •  Embossed bronze (GFM18)
  •  Embossed Graphite (GFM69)
  •  Embossed black (GFM73)

In addition, its expandable option makes it stand out. Its main asset is its versatility. This revolutionary masterpiece will adapt to your needs without taking up too much space.

This luxury glass table will easily adapt to your daily life and your needs.

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160 cm → 236 cm x 90 cm, 182 cm → 258 cm x 90 cm, 200 cm → 294 cm x 106 cm


CY01, CY02


Embossed Titanium (GFM11), Embossed bronze (GFM18), Embossed Graphite (GFM69), Embossed black (GFM73)


Cattelan Italia


Imagine Outlet


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