Wood drive table Premier

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This top of the range wooden dining table is the ideal solution for those who wish to seat several guests but in a limited space. With its extendable option, you could adapt it according to the number of people seated without taking up too much space in your daily life.
In addition to its versatility, this luxurious extendable table is the image of the modern Italian luxury design.


The extendable high-end wooden dining table Premier is the perfect answer to the idea of modern luxury design.

Made by a prestigious Italian designer, Andrea Lucatello, this luxury extendable table is part of the Premier table range.
It is known for its ergonomic and modern base, which gives it an elegant and original design.

First of all,the base of this luxurious extendable table is made of high quality metal to ensure a stable and sturdy table. To make it unique, you have the possibility to choose between different finishes of the base of this high end table:

  •  Embossed Titanium (GFM11)
  •  Embossed Bronze (GFM18)
  •  Embossed Graphite (GFM69)
  •  Embossed black (GFM73)

Moreover, the wooden top accentuates the robustness of this  extendable high-end wooden dining table. Noble and imposing, wood is a safe bet that creates an elegant environment in the room it is dedicated to.
Nevertheless, this top-of-the-range wooden dining table can be adapted to contemporary design thanks to its sobriety.

To best suit your needs, you have the possibility to choose different types of wooden tops:

  • Canaletto Walnut (NC)
  • Burnt Oak (RC)

In addition to its elegant design and quality materials, this top-of-the-range extendable wooden dining table can be summed up in one word: practicality.
Finally, adapt the size of your table according to the number of guests, without being cumbersome in your daily life.

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Premier Drive modern extendable dining table
Premier drive

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140 cm → 217 cm x 90 cm, 160 cm → 237 cm x 90 cm, 180 cm → 257 cm x 90 cm, 200 cm → 277 cm x 100, 200 cm → 277 cm x 110 cm


Canaletto Walnut (NC), Burnt Oak (RC)


 Embossed Titanium (GFM11),  Embossed Bronze (GFM18),  Embossed Graphite (GFM69), Embossed black (GFM73)


Cattelan Italia


Imagine Outlet


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